Crossing Three Wildernesses

U Sam Oeur, 2005

The first memoir from a pre-Khmer Rouge government official who miraculously survived the Cambodian killing fields.

Death by execution, death by disease, and death by starvation are the three wildernesses Cambodians were forced to traverse during the Khmer Rouge regime. In a harrowing but ultimately triumphant affirmation of the human spirit, celebrated Cambodian poet U Sam Oeur narrates his incredible life story, testifies to the horrors of genocide, and shares his fervent prayers for peace and freedom through the process of democracy.

Crossing Three Wildernesses is a personal account of survival, an astute political analysis, and a beautiful illustration of the Cambodian culture—its people, myths, and traditions.  In a world still plagued by the atrocities of war, this remarkable memoir is a moving call to freedom and a passionate plea for peace.


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