Nefarious: Merchants of Souls” (2011)

Human slavery is perhaps one of the most grave and heinous offenses against humanity…and with estimates of more than 20 million modern-day slaves around the world, the trafficking of human bodies once again emerges on the battlefront of the contemporary era. Whether sold, coerced, deceived or kidnapped; regardless of nationality, these victims are systematically commodified and assigned a worth and a price tag, while simultaneously stripped of their own value as human beings. “Nefarious: Merchants of Souls” is a 2011 documentary that aims to expose the atrocious terms, conditions and trends of modern-day sex slavery. Featuring the perspectives of expert analysts and international humanitarian leaders, the documentary makes victim testimonies central, as to inspire a sense of human responsibility and carve out a vision of hope for the future.


Benjamin Nolot, Matt Dickey

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