JUHAN Universities often offer fellowship opportunities. Those interested in creating fellowships of their own might find the following descriptions helpful. 

Georgetown University’s JUHAN Student Fellow – Sample Job Description

The JUHAN fellows serve the Center for Social Justice, Georgetown University and the network in various capacities. First, each fellow serves as a research assistant to a faculty member conducting research on humanitarian assistance. Second, the fellows program campus-wide events with collaborators that raise awareness on human security, humanitarian assistance and disaster reconstruction and promote campus action. Third, fellows assist in coordinating the University’s response to major humanitarian disasters. Other activities include working with University librarians to create web-based subject guides on humanitarian assistance and human security; representing Georgetown’s JUHAN initiative at conferences; writing blog posts; and collaborating with other network universities.

Fairfield University’s JUHAN Student Fellow – Sample Job Description

The Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network (JUHAN) is a partnership led by faculty, staff and students at Fairfield University and other Jesuit Universities. The University members of the network aim to raise awareness on Jesuit campuses of the meaning of humanitarian response and its implications for the Jesuit ideology of “men and women for others.” They also aim to lead teams at Jesuit institutions to develop effective campus responses to humanitarian crises, both domestic and international. The University members of JUHAN aspire to accomplish these goals through humanitarianism-based content incorporated into courses at every JUHAN school, as well as through student action, trips, and network conferences.

The JUHAN fellows will serve the Center for Faith and Public Life and the JUHAN network in various capacities. The primary role of the JUHAN Fellow will be to work with the JUHAN Student Group on campus. This will include:

  • Planning for the JUHAN meetings which take place every other week throughout the semester
  • Providing an agenda for each meeting.
  • Attending and co-facilitating the meetings.
  • Helping to plan JUHAN-related events, including a fall and spring event to showcase the work of the group.
  • Working with the JUHAN students to plan for a humanitarian-related spring semester break experience.
  • Guiding the Spring Break group through planning, logistics and fundraising. Option to attend the trip is available.
  • Liaising with Georgetown Fellow, and JUHAN students at other Universities
  • Liaise with the CT Food Bank and NY Cares, as needed for trips JUHAN student volunteer opportunities.

Fellows will directly report to Fairfield University’s JUHAN Director, who will provide mentor-ship and advisement in conjunction with other staff members of The Center for Faith and Public Life.

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